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(4/22/01) Added Tintin albums.
The Adventures of Tintin
We love Tintin since we were in junior high school, we would read these comics in the school library hours after school, and we wouldn't mind coming back again and again to read them. It is fun and adventurous..!!
We have found these excellent books of Tintin and it comes in a nice package :
" 3 complete adventures in 1 Volume " :

Volume 1

Tintin Volume 1

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Tintin In America (1932)
Our hero takes on Al Capone and his gangster in Chicago
Cigars of The Pharaoh (1934)
Tintin tries to reveal an evil gang of international drugsmugglers. Thomson and Thompson first appearance.
The Blue Lotus (1936)
Tintin first meet Chang, who becomes a lifelong friend.In Rastatopoulos he discovers a formidable foe who will appear again.


The Broken Ear (1937)

Volume 2

Tintin Volume 2

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Tintin embarks for South Africa to retrieve a stolen fetish.
The Black Island (1938)
Tintin and Snowy visit Scotland and track down a gang of couterfeiters.
King Ottokar's Sceptre (1939)
Tintin visit the (fictitious) Central European Balkan State, Syldavia, that he is first confronted by Bianca Castafiore.

Volume 3

Tintin Volume 3

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The Crab With The Golden Claws (1941)
Tintin discovers opium concealed in tins of crab meat, and meet for the first time with Captain Haddock, who will become his pricipal companion.
The Shooting Star (1942)
Tintin gets into the race to retrieve part of a meteorite which falls in the Artic Ocean.
The Secret of The Unicorn (1943)
Red Rackham's Treasure (1944)

Volume 4

Tintin Volume 4

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First appearance of Professor Cuthbert Calculus.
The Seven Crystal Balls (1948)
7 scientists mysteriously falling into a coma after a 2 year trip to Peru and Bolivia. Professor Calculus dissappear and Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock finally set off in search of him.
Prisoners of The Sun (1949)
Calculus is recued from the last remaining Incas. Everywhere in the world, car engines are exploding : petrol has undoubtedly been doctored. An oil crisis threaten.

Volume 5

Tintin Volume 5

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Land of The Black Gold (1950)
Tintin becomes a radio officer on the "Speedol Star" and heads off for Khemikhal, the chief port in Khemed.
Destination Moon (1953)
It details the preparation and the beginning of the lunar expedition which will leave from Syldavia oil.
Explorers On The Moon (1954)
It describes the first Space voyage. And so Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock, Thomson and Thompson landed 15 years before the Americans arrived on the moon. This book has become the most famous and has sold more than 5 million copies.
The Calculus Affair (1956)

Volume 6

Tintin Volume 6

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The Bordurian and Syldavian agents try to kidnap Calculus in order to steal his plans for a secret weapon.
The Red Sea Sharks (1958)
Africans aboard the freighter Ramona are destined to be sold as slaves in Mecca. Tintin versus Rastapopoulos once again, and Captain Haddock versus Abdullah.. !
Tintin In Tibet (1960)
A story about a real friendship. Chang, Tintin's friend from The Blue Lotus is on his way to Europe, but the aircraft crashes on Himalayas.Tintin is convinced that Chang has survived and goes to Nepal in search of him. It was Herge's favorite story. ( Mine, too )

Volume 7

Tintin Volume 7

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The Castafiore Emerald (1963)
The principal characters of the series find themselves at Marlinspike Hall and act out a classic comedy behind closed door.
Flight 714 (1968)
It's a broken journey, the foray into the unknown, into the world of the extraterrestrial and flying saucers.
Tintin and The Picaros (1976)
The story marks the return of Tintin to San Theodoros, previously visited in The Broken Ear. The last Tintin adventure to be published in the colour format.
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About Hergé ( Georges Remi )
The young Georges Remi could have never imagined that through his creation, Tintin, he would become so famous internationally. A modest, charming and humorous man, Hergé is regarded as Father of the European strip cartoon. Although he created many other cartoon characters, it is Tintin that has aroused the imagination of generation of readers. Tintin is hero of twenty-four adventure series. The character, Tintin, was a journalist, a special envoy sent to the furthest corner of the earth, a correspondent charged with reporting his impressions of his journey to those at home. The creator of Tintin preferred a simple discreet lifestyle. Georges Remi hid behind Hergé, who hid behind Tintin.
Since 1924 Georges Remi signed his drawings with the name Hergé, from his initial "R.G" (as pronounced in French ).
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Official site of Tintin : www.tintin.be
Sister official site from the Hergé Foundation : www.tintin.com
More about Hergé
Find more about Tintin and his author here
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