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(4/22/01) Finished the listing !!
Japanese comic series
Japan has published thousands and thousands comic series and most of the kids and teenagers love it. They have great and fun stories, not to forget the stories about love, friendship, sports, even mystery.... and they came out with a beautiful art drawings.It is hard to choose the ones you want to collect because they are too many ! But we have managed to collect the ones we like the most,.. here are the lists :

" Story of Dragon "

Story of Dragon
Story and art by Yoshito Yamahara
Original title : Ryuroden
Indonesian title : Legenda Naga
We have been collecting this comic series since 1997. This is one of our favorite comic. It has wonderful story and art with a lot of interesting characters. Find out more about it here.
Ironfist - Kungfu Boy " Ironfist "
Story and art by Takeshi Maekawa

Original title : Tekken Chinmi

Indonesian title : Kungfu Boy
We have collected all 37 series of this comic in five years (1992-1997) and it's indeed a good collection. We enjoy reading it because it has interesting knowledge about martial arts with a fun story to read. Find out more about it here.
" Offside "
Story and art by Natsuko Heiuchi

Original title : Offside

Indonesian title : Offside
We have been collecting this comic since 1998 and we are still waiting for the lastest series to come. We are not fans of soccer game but this comic really good to enjoy and it lets us learn a little bit about this famous sport. Find out more about the story here.
Mai the Psychic Girl

" Mai, The Psychic Girl "

Story by Kazuya Kudo ; Art by Ryoichi Ikegami
Original title : Mai, The Psychic Girl
Indonesian title : Mai
We personally like this comic series because of the unique story about psychokinesis.. We collected both the Indonesian and English version. More about Mai here.
" Sentaro "
Story and art by Tsubasa Nunoura
Original title : Piku Piku Sentaro
Indonesian title : Sentaro
Sentaro is one of our favorite comic about animal, we like cute animals such as this bunny. The comic is easy to enjoy and fun. More about Sentaro here.
From Far Away " From Far Away "
Story and art by Kyoko Hikawa
Original title : Kanata Kara
Indonesian title : Dunia Mimpi
We have just started collecting this comic and we are still waiting for the newest episode to come. It has beautiful drawing. Find out more about it here.
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